Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Thanks, to all of you for coming last night. We missed some of our regulars but you were all in our thoughts.  Thanks also, to K.C., for such beautiful, graceful poses and being the first to try out the new chaise!

A few musicians with the band LITTLE TYBEE, dropped in to draw with us. They had a gig at the Otter House last night and then were on their way to Toronto and Montreal to perform. 

Brock Scott was nice enough to leave us with a CD of their great music. We'll listen to it as we draw next week. In the meantime, here's something to listen to while you look at the drawings from last night. Thank you Brock and Sara for joining us ... and for the music!

Here's Brock Scott with the band LITTLE TYBEE singing "Signal Below".

Janet will be posing for us on Monday, July 25th. Hope to see you there. 

We'll be taking the month of August off at Read All Over. Ed King will be stepping in with Saturday Drawing Sessions at Germanna. Linda will be posing on Saturday, August 6th at Germanna.

Barbara Deal


Bruce Day

Bruce Day

Ed King

Ed King

Jay D. Anderson

Lorry Marcketta

Matt Austin

Matt Austin

Ronald Jackson


Susan Ishii

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