Thursday, September 16, 2010

Peaceful ...

Susan Ohle

Susan Ishii

Sally Rhone-Kubarek

Sally Rhone-Kubarek

Matt Austin

Matt Austin

Jay D. Anderson

It was another relaxing, low-key, evening of drawing. Thank you, to all who came to draw. Thanks also, to our new model, Janet, who did an amazing job. Her poses were wonderful, which resulted in some amazing drawings from our very talented artists!

Our model for next week, September 21st (see note), will be Linda, who will pose unclothed. I look forward to seeing you all then.

NOTE: We're changing "Uninstructed Figure Drawing" from Wednesday to Tuesday evenings, starting next week, to accommodate everyone's new Fall schedule's. Same time, same place (for the time being).
ANOTHER NOTE: We're starting an Artist's Guild! with plans for a place for classes, workshops, (gentle) group critiques and, of course, Figure Drawing! Anyone interested in sharing the work or, just sharing your ideas, please email me at ...

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